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It’s 10th of July 1:17 am in Seoul and even though here is still 9th I could seriously not wait to wish my six favorite boys a happy 4th anniversary!

Wow… where can I begin? Maybe my first time meeting you?… It was a year ago… I just put a random channel with kpop music that I wasn’t really paying any attention. A lot of bands were showed… how ever none of them caught my attention until you came up. In that time it was because of CAP and the mindblowing dance that I started looking for you in youtube. But since I wasn’t interested in hearing kpop I search for your funny videos instead of your mv’s. I could call that the best desicion of my life or the worst move I could have ever done since because of that I fell in love deeply, obsessively and irreversibly of each one of you forever. You guys are just so unique, so funny, sweet, and happy… just happy with everything you do, with your lifes and with the wonderful family you have behind supporting that you call ‘Angels’. So, in short sentence, you guys where they only band in my life where I fell in love of you as persons before as artist, and from that to start watching all your mvs, hearing and jamming all your songs was just a little step that grew my love for you even bigger when I tough I couldn’t love you guys even more. This year has been awesome and only thanks to the six of you, I remember the time I meet you was the time that my father was diagnosed with cancer, so I was going through a very sad and difficult stage in my life. But even in the darkest days you never ever fail to make me smile and make me forget all the bad things that were happening, you were (and still are) my daily dose of happines and for that I’ll be always thankful and I’ll always love you no matter what… is very simple… without you I would not know were I would be today. So thank you Teen Top, thank you for existing, thank you for making my days brighter, thank you for being the heppiness in my life, for always being your precious selfs, for being my 6 lovely and funny dorks.

Although is has only been a year for me as I said, for you is been a long journey that is not even in the half way, so please, don’t change the way you are, stay happy, strong and healthy, and more important stay together as the beautiful family you made through this 4 years. Cuz there is a long way to come, and as you promised your Angels to reach the top, we promised you to be always by your side supporting you and loving you.

4 years until now, lets make it 8, 10, 20, 40… Teen Top and Angels Together till the end and further <3